Best B&B Ever!

Everything was great. Starting with the gracious welcome from Mrs Annie Pearl at the front door of this Southern style, early 20th century manse, which has been lovingly restored & updated, you immediately felt at home and that your visit was a special occasion for them. Seriously. I have stayed at many a B&B over the years, in many parts of the world and the US, but the Jackie O. House takes top honors. If you get the chance and are in the area, you should make a point to stay there. I know I would/will.



Tucked away not too far from the “W” and near the Friendly Cemetery with CW soldiers. -Annie Pearl, the lady of the house who stays when there are occupants. She prepared a wonderful breakfast and is a most interesting conversationalist and quite a lovely woman. She also told us about the history of the area, the house, and ownership of the property. Highly recommend!



Relaxing. Convenient to Palmer Home Annie Pearl (gracious-staff) I was the only guest. I was treated like “a queen for a day” Loved it!


What a Lovely Place to Stay!

I stayed at the Jackie O’ House over a year ago (but the earliest the website here would let me choose was August 2013), when I was relocating to Columbus temporarily for work. Cathy and Annie Pearl made my stay so enjoyable and comfortable. Between trips, I stayed at the house twice, with the second time being for a longer period of time. Miss Annie would greet me with ‘Welcome Home!’ when I would arrive in the evening after a long day at work and I must say that was sooo nice! The breakfasts were always awesome and the rooms are all very lovely. I was able to actually stay in two different rooms and they were both very comfortable, well appointed and unique. The Rose room with its sitting/reading room on one side and the Margaret with its HUGE bathroom are both awesome rooms and I totally enjoyed my stays. So much so that, in a few weeks, I hope to stay there again before I leave Columbus.
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What a Wonderful Stay

We stayed two nights at the Jackie O’ House for our fourth anniversary. Annie Pearl was so friendly and accommodating! We felt right at home every moment we were there. Our suite was lovely and breakfast was delicious. We will definitely be back!

Shane and Christin

Great Event and Executive Housing Choice

The Jackie O House is a great B&B choice for Columbus. It is very clean and has modern amenities. The upstairs suite with its own day room is very special.

They also have a large event yard with a well thought out electrical supply to power the biggest sound system and lighting. Cathy will take great care of you.


Beautiful House, Wonderful Owners

I am a bit late writing this review as we stayed at the Jackie O house a few years ago after our wedding night. We are both from Columbus, but wanted to stay somewhere away from all the wedding stuff and our families. Our room was amazing. The rooms keep the charm of the home, but with modern conveniences. We were so comfortable we almost didn’t want to leave for our honeymoon! Breakfast in the morning was also amazing. Perfect, romantic place to get away.


The folks running this place know their stuff

I grew up in this house, and the buyers of it from Dad’s estate have done a phenomenal job turning it into a B&B. It is more than this, however. In this small town, this is simply the best place to stay, and the owners have done all that can be done to be a part of our community.

This gem is well worth the stay. I bought the lady that raised me (a The Help thing), and her twin sister, a night at the Jackie O. Ella and I were amazed at the transformation. You will be pampered in this home, and encounter beauty at every turn.


Real southern hospitality, a house so beautiful you want to dress up every day!

This is more than just a house! The beautiful outside is just a start. The house and grounds look welcoming, and that doesn’t change when you get in. The house is beautifully decorated. Every room has its own style, with beautiful antique furniture, combined with nice decorations and very comfortable, modern luxuries. There are just a few rooms, and every guest gets special treatment. We were planning to stay here one night, but decided to extend our stay because it was so nice. Most houses won’t allow small children. This is one of the few houses where we were welcome with our three year old daughter. She loved the house and staff and was made to feel like a little princess. Cathy, Joe, Annie Pearl and Rhonda couldn’t be more friendly, helpful and welcoming. We had fantastic breakfasts, always with fresh fruit, nice silverware and linens. One morning Cathy made us two casseroles, one with meat and one without. I had the one without meat, and it tasted spectacular. Fluffy and warm and at least as good, if not better, than any fresh croissant I’ve eaten in France! We stayed in the largest room, with a huge, beautifully outfitted bathroom with a bath on lion’s claws. There are very thick and comfortable terrycloth bathrobes and towels. Everything feels very luxurious. Staying here made me feel like dressing up every day. The stairs go two ways and there are very nice hallways upstairs and downstairs. There are some windows with glass in lead, worth a look. Downstairs there’s a beautiful formal dining room. A very nice detail is an original, very ornate, radiator with a special compartment to keep food warm. Next to it there’s a very modern, spacious, friendly kitchen. In the front of the house there’s a porch where we spent one early morning in the sun playing on the lawn under the old trees. We’re already married, but if I had to do it again, I’d pick this place! The grounds just ask for a stylish party. It’s big enough for a few hundred guests, but because of the trees and hedges it doesn’t look too big. I’d love to sit outside in the evening and listen to a string quartet, because that’s just the kind of place it is.

They have arrangements with a nearby spa. Someone will come over to give a massage or other treatment but unfortunately we didn’t have time. They will also arrange for anything else you might be interested in, just ask!

Columbus has a lot of beautiful antebellum houses as it was spared during the civil war. We had a great time touring a few of these houses. Also the Tennessee Williams Welcome Center is definitely worth a visit. If you don’t have much time, just driving around town is worthwhile. There’s a very nice riverside walk. In town there are a few nice places to eat as well.

This is a great place to stay if you appreciate beauty and history or if you want to relax and enjoy yourself.


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